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Frequently Asked Questions
YOD Key Terms
Stands for "Your Own Determination."
This is part of a YOD classes that intentionally slows down and gets a specific part of your body ready for the HIIT portion.
HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training
This is part of a YOD class where the magic happens. It averages 12 minutes that includes six or so sets of repetitive movements. You get to do the movements at your own pace--fast or slow, it's up to you!
Optimal Alignment
YOD focuses on moving your body in intentionally. This means using your body's natural cues to support optimal, pain-free movement. Optimal Alignment lets you support your body in the most natural way possible, and find harmony in both strengthening and stretching your muscles.
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What is YOD?

YOD is a specialized and unique yoga format that allows you to deepen your practice in mind, body, and spirit. YOD stands for "Your Own Determination."

In YOD we practice our Classes with intentional movement, HIIT, meditation, Yoga Nidra, Self-Reflection, and Restoration.

We use these practices to get access to the now that let's you really experience your present state. From greater awareness, we can find freedom to then act, respond, and show up from that state which is for our highest good.

Our goal with YOD is to support you with the best tools and best practices to get present and empower transformation. We see all tools and practices as equally important depending on your need in the moment. All to become and embrace our best self.

How does YOD work?

YOD helps you access your physical body in the moment. That can be with Yoga, HIIT, Nidra, meditation, Self-Reflection, or Restoration.

It's your responsibility to find the tool best suited for you in the moment and embrace the practice from there.

Overall, YOD heightens the awareness of your physical body and your thoughts. From that intentional space, you can access your feelings, emotions, and tension. Then you can heal and move toward what you truly want to feel or express.

What makes YOD different from traditional yoga?

YOD Classes have a focus on optimal alignment. This means that in the middle of the yoga flow, we pause to do 3 movements to focus on integration of muscles and reactivation of our muscles from a fully-aligned body to set up for the next phase.

In the next phase (or the HIIT phase), we move through 6 or so movements for about 12 minutes that get you to a state of presence and an internal heat that challenges your mind, body and spirit. Your own determination is to keep going.

At this point the class heats up, and you'll experience a breakthrough. You see how capable and strong you are. After the 12 minutes we cool down with a yoga flow and end with savasana. This is super important to calm down the mind, nervous system and heart rate.

By the end of every class, you feel strong, powerful, and calm.

Who can participate in YOD Classes?

Anyone can participate in YOD Classes. Go at your own pace, do what feels best. If you take a break, you can always begin again. If you're looking for a class that challenges you and also calms you down during the same session, YOD is the place for you!

How can I join a YOD Class? What's the commitment?

You can sign up for your 1st week free, or, if you're local to a YOD studio, you can drop-in a class.

You can also join the YOD Unlimited Membership for $49/month and have full access to YOD classes live via zoom or the prerecorded classes!

Where can I find a YOD Studio near me?

There's currently ## YOD studios. They are located here, here, and here. Due to the demand for more studios, we've recently expanded our YOD Studio Affiliate program, so more studios are on the way!

There's not a YOD Studio near me. Now what?

No problem. Join the YOD Unlimited Membership! We have a range of classes every week that you can join from home. Plus, we're currently growing an amazing on-demand YOD class library that's coming soon!

Do you offer payment plans for the YOD Programs?

Yes. Both the Unlimited YOD Membership and the YOD Pro Group have month to month payment options.

For YOD Yoga Teacher Training, tuition payments are easy, with payment plans available for each level as well.

Our low-cost programs, such as The 21 Day Challenge are a one-time payment.

What is the 21 Day Challenge? How can I join?

The 21 Day Challenge is an amazing yet simple 3 week program set up to create a boost of positive transformation in your life by introducing new habits that support your success. There's a special schedule of classes for the 21 Day Challenge throughout the week and we also meet once a week for a meaningful group coaching call for continued support and self-reflection for growth and clarity. You'll get weekly reflections to journal about and support and accountability from the group! This program is so much fun! You can sign up here if you're interested.

How do I know if YOD is right for me?

You’ll know if YOD is right for you after you try a few classes. Sign up for your 1st week free before starting a membership. We trust that you’ll know if its the right time.

Who can teach YOD? How can I become a YOD instructor?

Anyone who has completed YOD Level 1 Certification can teach YOD classes. To be qualified to teach YOD Level 1, you either need to already be a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, then take the YOD Level 1 Certification, or take the YOD Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training.

What's the difference between the YOD Teacher Training and the YOD Certification Levels?

Great question. If you're not yet a certified yoga teacher, the YOD Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training is the fastest path to be able to teach YOD Yoga. It's an expedited experience for someone who has never been certified as a yoga teacher. It provides the 200 hours you need to become a certified yoga instructor, while at the same time it also gives you the specific training and skills you need to be able to teach YOD classes.

On the other hand, if you're already a 200-hour+ certified yoga teacher, the YOD Certification Levels are separate training programs to advance that training in specific skills and practices that enable you to teach YOD classes at the different levels.

Have another question?

Contact us and we'd be happy to chat with you about your questions and options.
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