Oui Power Yoga – YOD Affiliate Studio

YOD has been an amazing addition to our offering at Oui Power Yoga. Our community loves it. The feedback we have gotten is that people feel more connected to their bodies and feel a greater connection to those around them. After nearly every class a student says something to the effect of “if the person next to would have stopped, I would have, they didn’t and we FINISHED!” There is an overwhelming sense of community, camaraderie, and accomplishment within each class. Our students are LOVING creating each class together!

Gina – YOD Teacher

My studio had only been open a little over a year when Danielle visited our community for YOD training. For us, it was a game changer! The program and Danielle brought our entire team together in a way we had not experienced before; we grew together as a family that weekend. As a bonus, we learned more about our body and movement than I could have ever imagined. YOD as changed the way we approach alignment in ALL of our classes and has made us all more impactful teachers and leaders.

Phil Finocchiaro – YOD Student

I LOVE YOD because it incorporates Yoga, a hard circuit like workout, and finished with Yoga. It is the best systematic approach to workout, adding more arms, legs, core circuit workouts compared to my standard gym session. It is the “all in one” workout for my because it also incorporates cardio and increases my endurance working out and most importantly regulates my breathing, since I seem to forget to breath when I push myself during a workout.

Lindsay Wenner – YOD Student

“I have never felt stronger in my life.” This is a phrase I find myself saying at least once a day. And I have YOD and MPY to thank for it! It was a surprise addition to a newly rediscovered yoga practice that has transformed me both mentally and physically.

This program has built my body. The strength, grace and balance I have gained from doing squats with integrity or holding a boat pose and then twisting has shaped my once okay body, into one I thank daily for all that it provides me. It also helped me do headstands… which is pretty cool too!
The heat (read: sweat!), energy (read: we’re in this together!) and enjoyment (read: smiles and high fives!) you create in the room during each class is magic. And everything you do on the mat, allows you to push forward off the mat. Because you are stronger than you know. Stole that last line from Danielle because it’s true!

Dee Dee – YOD Teacher

I love YOD. I am a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and YOD has given me an opportunity for an upgrade in my personal practice. In each class I discover new realms of what is possible in my mind, body and spirit. One of the biggest discoveries for me is what I am capable of creating in my body, I teach a point in nearly every practice where I think I just can’t go on, and then I stay moving and teach a new level of freedom and flow. I love the intentionality, velocity, play and sweat I get in each class.


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