Level 3

The Promise of YOD Level 3: 

You will be a competent in the YOD methodology, and be able to teach an impactful YOD class from your authentic expression. You will embody and teach from the yang and yin practices of YOD.
You will create integrity in your words and actions to manifest a life of contribution.



Level 3 will create you as a leader in your teaching and in your life. The standards of Level 3 will empower you to elevate the standards of your whole being.   You will be in consistent looking at self and so that you can be a stand for something bigger than yourself. You will create mastery in your teaching of the YOD methodology through studentship and soul connection.


Step away from this training as a leader.
Live in integrity with your words and your actions.
Create new opportunity in your life and live from to depth of your soul to your highest intention.  


The Who:

YOD level 2 Certified Teachers


Friday 6-8

Saturday 9-9

Sunday 9-5


Fee: $549

What You Get:

  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Weekly Workouts
  • Tips for the workout
  • Personal Support
  • Private Facebook Group for Instructors

May 29-31

Minnesota Power Yoga

Minneapolis, Minnesota



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