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 A personalized coaching package with YOD Founder Danielle Jokinen!
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Includes two (2) one-hour coaching sessions with YOD Founder and CEO Danielle Jokinen!
This is an offer we ONLY give to people who are participating in the 21-Day Challenge.
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As this is a one-time event, we can not fulfill requests for this offer after you leave this page.
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  • “Danielle is a remarkable Coach.  She is able to lead clients through their own self-inquiry with accountability and respect. She intuitively knows when clients need a nudge to move beyond their comfort zones, but also allows clients to find their progress on their own timelines.”

    Angie G

  • “I felt enormously supported…Physical, mental and emotional challenges broadened my sense of self and showed me parts of myself that I had not noticed before and benefited greatly from knowing. Danielle is a gifted Coach and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a journey into themselves…”

    Chris J

  • “Danielle is a skilled Coach. She is energetic and genuine. She will offer you the tools and support to foster your own confidence as a leader in your life.”

    Margaret T.